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July 27, 2023 July 27, 2023/ Justin Page Wood

The best About Me pages for interior designers have a few things in common: they are informative, beautifully designed, and not cluttered. We always recommend interior designers to include an About page on their website as it is the second most clicked page of interior design firm websites, the first being the Portfolio page.

While the foundation of an About page is straightforward—tell the visitor about yourself, your team, or your firm as a whole—the execution of this page can take many shapes. Below are 10 of the best About page examples for interior designers which we curated to inspire your website’s design.

1. LDI Design Studio

LDI Design Studio is based in Dallas, Texas, and they have a wonderful minimal aesthetic to their About page.

Notable features: The page is organized into two sections. The first is titled “Meet the Owner” and includes a short write up about the firm with a prompt to continue reading about the principal designer, Lauren Dickson, below. The following section includes a succinct autobiography about Lauren along with a photograph to help visitors put a face to her name.

2. Brian Brown Studio

The About page of Brian Brown Studio is beautifully unique. Using a creative design of color blocks and artful positioning of photography, the page begins by giving a fun overview of the studio under the title “Our Tone” and then continues to introduce the studio’s employees further down the page.

Notable features: Besides the artistic layout, we love that all the photos of the studio’s team, both group and individual photographs, were all shot in the same place—before a beautiful kitchen backdrop which adheres to Brian Brown Studio’s refined color palette for their brand.

3. Kelly and Co. Design

If you want a video approach, Kelly and Co. Design’s About page is an excellent example from which to draw inspiration.

Notable features: The page is titled “Who We Are” and includes a short, beautifully filmed video about the type of work they do for clients. Beneath the video is a short write-up titled “10 Years of Award-Winning Design Experience,” a prompt to schedule a consultation, and then four tasteful photographs which visually describe the firm.

4. NV Design

NV Design is led by Principal designer Nik Vekic and is based in Brooklyn, New York. His About page, named “Learn More About Us” is a little bit longer but beautifully designed.

Notable features: We love the simple, clean design of this About page—from the professional headings and subheadings to the descriptive copy.

5. Michelle’s Interiors

The About page of Michelle’s Interiors is a cohesive balance between photographs and text. It is clean, elegant, and possesses just enough creative design interest without being overwhelming.

Notable features: The About page is clearly divided into 5 sections by Headings, providing the reader with a comprehensive look at Michelle’s expertise, education, and awards as well as her studio’s boutique approach to interior design.

6. Elizabeth Bolognino Interiors

Elizabeth Bolognino Interiors provides a great example of what a combination About page and Press page could look like for your firm. The page begins by informing readers about Elizabeth’s impressive design experience with a stylish photograph of the designer with a quote overlay. Scrolling down a little further, the page showcases 15 logos of publications in which Elizabeth’s work has been featured, and each is linked to their respective articles when appropriate.

Notable Features: Aside from the beautiful fusion of About and Press pages, we love the two prompts encouraging visitors to "Schedule a Consultation" with the firm. The first is presented after the write-up about Elizabeth and the second after the press features.

7. Bea Interiors Design

Bea Interiors Design was founded by talented interior designer Bea Pernia in 2012 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida. This firm’s About page is an excellent example for interior designers who have a bigger team they want to introduce to prospective clients.

Notable features: The page starts with an introduction of Bea Pernia along with a photograph of the lead designer in color. We love the black and white photos of the other 9 members of Bea’s team, including the one of Rufus, their adorable dog who holds the title of Chief Motivation Officer.

8. Nagwa Seif Interior Design

If you’re looking for something a little more classic, Nagwa Seif Interior Design’s About page is an elegant and timeless example to draw upon for inspiration.

Notable Features: The quote by Nagwa above a full width photo of her adds a personal touch to the page. The introduction to Nagwa and her firm underneath is friendly, informative, and brief.

9. K&K Interiors

K&K Interiors was founded by Kendl McKellar and Kathryn Childers. We love the minimalist, clean, and high-end look of their joint About Us page.

Notable features: We love the full width header photo leading into a joint description about Kendl, Kathryn, and their firm. The positioning of the photos and clear call to action for visitors to “Schedule an Initial Consultation” make this page both aesthetically pleasing and high-performing.

10. Maura O’Malley Interiors

The About Us page of Maura O’Malley Interiors is simple, cohesive, and sophisticated. Principal designer Maura runs her firm with a small team and introduces each member of her team with photos and short descriptive biographies.

Notable Features: The large photographs of each member at the firm across from short bio snippets creates a clean, minimalistic aesthetic we love. The attention to each individual member at the firm also helps visitors get to know every person they could be working with. And of course, a “Schedule a Consultation” button is at the bottom of the page to prompt prospective clients to take the next step.

10 of the best Interior Design About Me Pages | Justin Page Wood | Website Design for Interior Designers (2024)
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