Pick 3 | South Carolina Lottery (2024)

The South Carolina Pick 3 game features a top prize of $500 and two daily draws - Midday and Evening. Pick 3 Midday is played Monday - Saturday at 12:59 PM EST and Pick 3 Evening is drawn daily at 6:59 PM EST. Ticket sales temporarily stop before the draw - at 12:45 PM for day and 6:45 PM for night - and resume after each draw takes place. Add the Fireball option to your play for extra chances to win up to $540.

How to Play

Choose your favorite three numbers from 0 to 9, or select Quick Pick and the lottery terminal will generate the numbers for you. Each play slip panel A-E is a separate play. If you check the Front Pair or Back Pair play type, you only need to choose two numbers (*00 to *99).

You may wager $0.50 or $1 on Straight, Box, or Pairs play types. Straight/Box costs $1. 3-Way Combo costs $1.50 or $3 and 6-Way Combo costs $3 or $6 according to the numbers you choose.

Pick a play type - there are a variety of fun ways to make a winning combination (see below).

Choose a draw time - DAY for the 12:59 PM draw, EVE for the 6:59 PM draw, or BOTH. If you don't mark a box, you'll be entered in the next available draw.

Want to play up to 28 draws in a row on one ticket? Multi-draw is the easiest way to play your lucky numbers over and over. You can play up to 14 DAY or EVE draws or 28 if you choose BOTH.

Select Advanced Play to enter one or more draws on a future day.

Play Types

Pick 3 has a choice of great play types that offer different ways to make a winning match with the numbers drawn:

  • Straight: Match all numbers in the exact order drawn. Cost: $0.50 or $1
  • Box: Match all numbers drawn in any order. Box plays can be 3-Way (three potential winning combinations) or 6-Way (six potential winning combinations) depending on the numbers you select. Cost: $0.50 or $1
  • Straight/Box: A $0.50 Straight plus a $0.50 Box bet in one play. The prize is higher for a Straight (exact order) match. Cost: $1
  • Combo: This play is the same as 3 or 6 Straight bets. Cost of $0.50 base play: $1.50-$3. Cost of $1 base play: $3-$6. Cost depends on the numbers you choose
  • Pairs: For Front Pair, match the first two numbers drawn in exact order. For Back Pair, match the last two numbers drawn in exact order. Cost: $0.50 or $1


The Fireball add-on for your Pick 3 game offers extra ways to win. After each Pick 3 draw, a separate Fireball number from 0-9 is drawn. You can replace any one of the Pick 3 numbers drawn with the Fireball number to make winning sets. You win if your chosen numbers match any of the Fireball combinations. All Fireball payouts are in addition to any Pick 3 wins. Fireball doubles the cost of your ticket - for example, a $1 play increases to $2.

Pick 3 Prizes and Odds of Winning

There are 9 different ways to play Pick 3; find the odds and potential payouts for each in the table below.

Scroll down for Fireball prizes and chances of winning.

Pick 3 Prizes and Odds
Play TypePrizesOdds of Winning
STRAIGHT$0.50 Play$1 Play
$250$5001 in 1,000
BOX$0.50 Play$1 Play
3-Way Box
2 same & 1 unique numbers
$80$1601 in 333
6-Way Box
3 unique numbers
$40$801 in 167
Cost: $1
3-Way Straight/Box
2 same & 1 unique numbers
$80$330 ($250 + $80)1 in 333
6-Way Straight/Box
3 unique numbers
$40$290 ($250 + $40)1 in 167
COMBO$1.50 Play$3 Play
3-Way Combo
2 same & 1 unique numbers
$250$5001 in 333
$3 Play$6 Play
6-Way Combo$250$5001 in 167
PAIRS$0.50 Play$1 Play
Front Pair$25$501 in 100
Back Pair$25$501 in 100

Fireball Prizes and Odds of Winning

With an extra digit that can replace one of the Pick 3 numbers drawn, Fireball delivers more ways to win. Fireball doubles the cost of your base plays. Check the payouts and odds here:

Fireball Prizes and Odds
Play TypeWinsPrizesOdds of WinningYour NumbersPick 3 Numbers DrawnFireball Number Drawn
STRAIGHT$1 Play$2 Play
3 unique numbers1 win$90$1801 in 3331231293
2 same & 1 unique numbers2 wins$180$3601 in 10,0001221222
1 win$90$1801 in 3571224221
3 same numbers3 wins$270$5401 in 10,0001111111
1 win$90$1801 in 3701111311
BOX$1 Play$2 Play
2 same & 1 unique numbers
3 wins$90$1801 in 10,0001222221
2 wins$60$1201 in 1,6671221122
1 win$30$601 in 3331220122
3 unique numbers
2 wins$30$601 in 5561231123
1 win$15$301 in 691230132
2 same & 1 unique numbers
2 wins2 wins$2401 in 10,0001221222
3 wins1 win$1801 in 10,0001222221
2 wins1 win$1501 in 5,0001221122
2 wins0$601 in 3,3331222112
1 win1 win$1201 in 4001220221
1 win0$301 in 2001220122
3 unique numbers
2 wins1 win$1201 in 1,6671231132
1 win1 win$1051 in 4171230231
2 wins0$301 in 8331231123
1 win0$151 in 831230123
COMBO$3 Play$6 Play
2 same & 1 unique numbers
3 wins$270$5401 in 10,0001222221
2 wins$180$3601 in 1,6671221122
1 win$90$1801 in 1331220122
3 unique numbers
$6 Play$12 Play
2 wins$180$3601 in 5561231123
1 win$90$1801 in 691230132
PAIRS$1 Play$2 Play
Front Pair & Back Pair
2 same numbers
3 wins$27$541 in 1,000X222222
1 win$9$181 in 37X221122
Front Pair & Back Pair
2 unique numbers
2 wins$18$361 in 500X122122
1 win$9$181 in 38X121112

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Pick 3 | South Carolina Lottery (2024)
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