Durian is known as the ‘King of fruits’ across Asia due to its large size, crown like thorns and of course delicious taste. Although durian is unfamiliar to many outside of Asia, the durian market is one of the fastest growing and most profitable markets in the world at the moment. The market has grown an astonishing 46% per year since 2017, and is worth over US$20 billion today.  China is the worlds largest export market but Western markets are growing rapidly as well as they are becoming more familiar with the fruit. Since 2019 durian imports by Australia are up 347%, the UK up 145% and the US 85%. This has been a direct result of countries such as Malaysia, whose government has been supporting the industry by spreading awareness through trade expos. The economic value to Malaysia’s durian industry is in the billions and it is no wonder the government has been so supportive.

Malaysia has the most to gain from the durian industry’s growth due to it being the home of the world’s most in demand durian variety, Musang King durian. Grown only in Malaysia it fetches significant price premiums to other types, selling for up to 10x more, due to higher consumer demand for its delicious, creamy bitter-sweet flavor. Another interesting aspect of investing in durian is the fact you own something 100% tangible, it is long lasting and has a diverse range of end uses. The lifespan of a tree is about 25 years meaning you can get annual income every year which provides security. In terms of uses it is not only eaten as a fruit raw but also used in hundreds of items across Asia such as pastries, candies, beverages, concentrate, ice creams, and even chips.

To invest into durian is not easy. The most profitable and convenient way is to partner with a plantation management company that has been in the business for a long time and which allows clients to partner with them. The only other option would be to start your own durian farm however this is costly, risky, requires governmental approval and very time-consuming. In addition, you would need significant land to reach the size necessary to export, as exports are necessary to increase profitability.

Agroforestry Group Review

Agroforestry Group (AFG) is one company that has been leading the way in durian plantations in Malaysia. They are one of the largest growers of Musang King durian in Johor and also arrange private tours of their durian plantations so that people can learn more about the durian industry and why the fruit is so valuable and important. They are also a registered company with the SSM which is the countries regulated authority for corporate governance, compliance and legislation.

Agroforestry Group is a unique company in that they are one of the few in Malaysia applying technology to durian, such as tree barcoding, 24/7 online monitoring of their trees and data analysis. They are also  constantly reviewing their operations as can be seen in their latest ‘Agroforestry Group review‘ of their irrigation practices. They recently implemented a fertigation system after their group review which improves durian quality and production yields by administering fertilisers and nutrients simultaneously. This helps improve operations in more efficient and environmentally-friendly level compared to what other traditional durian plantations use.

Visit their website now for more information on durian to receive agroforestry group reviews on the market.